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We have the burning desire to create, whatever it may be and however tiny or grand. The interaction with sound is unavoidable, either to make it or take pleasure in it. People have always found music significant in their lives, whether for enjoyment in listening, the emotional response, performing, or creating. This is no different for classical music or contemporary concert music. Both musics have immense worth for our society; however, the problem we all know in this field is that this music is little known and hence underappreciated. As a musician and artist it is my responsibility that others can learn to enjoy the art for which I have utter passion. one of top rated online music provider gives you the opportunity to listen all music tracks you want, whenever you want. offers the ground for coming artist to promote their talents and creativity. Moreover in a single interface is facilitated to listen and visualize the materials of music, biographies, images and a lot more, not only for Sri lankan resident but also our siblings far away from mother land with sharing global musical cultures.

Our vision is up lifting the Sri Lankan music recognition in global context & our mission is step towards overcome the barriers and shortcomings for our vision. The captaincy of this process goes on the navigators; Lakshan, Maleesha & Pubudu.

We cordially invite both fans and the spiritual personalities of the music industry to join with us.

The Team
Prasad Lakshan - ( Director / Webmaster ) Maleesha Weerasekara - ( Producer ) Pubudu Madushan - ( Producer )
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Name: T.G Pubudu Madushan
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